NorthWest Entrepreneur Network Panel Features Tom

The topic for the March 30th, NorthWest Entrepreneur Network’s monthly panel discussion will be “Space Exploration and Earthbound Technology” and will include Tom Nugent from LaserMotive. Tom will be joined by Rob Hoyt from Tethers Unlimited, and Jason Andrews from Andrews Aerospace. Dr. Jordin Kare will also be at the event. Here’s the description of the event:

Space research has always pushed the limits of what was achievable, and continues to be fertile ground for commercial spin offs and opportunities for entrepreneurs. How has space exploration led to new and transformative solutions to earth bound problems? Join us and find out how research and products developed for space applications are opening up new applications in power transmission, logistics and manufacturing, among other solution areas.
We are fortunate to feature three panelists who run companies that are developing today’s leading edge technologies for space and applying them to every day terrestrial problems. As always with NWEN Think Tanks, our event will allow for a collaborative exchange of ideas.

The event is on the campus of Seattle University, and starts at 7pm. There is a registration link from the event page. I hope to see you there!