Sustained, flexible operation

Our platform provides more flexibility of use and longer asset operation than generators, small engines and batteries, by eliminating service interruptions, battery charging and exhaustion, and copper wire limitations.

Improved safety

Our technology is safe. It even protects operators from the safety risks of generating, transferring, storing and distributing electricity over copper wires. It provides these benefits while reducing the need for specially trained personnel and the operational challenges of relying on fuel and batteries.

Agile capabilities

Compared to other high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) power solutions, for example, our platform maximizes payload and minimizes power management weights while operating more cost effectively.


Here are a few key features you should know about PowerLight

Giving You the Space to Be Free Wirelessly

PowerLight Free Space Power Beaming technology uses high-intensity light to transfer power wirelessly, even at great distances.

Realizing Power Through Fiber Optics

PowerLight Power Over Fiber technology uses high-intensity light to transfer up to kilowatts of power via fiber optic cable.

Extending Reach across Applications

PowerLight optical power beaming technology supports various applications. With proven expertise in serving the military, we are currently productizing our platform—developing and deploying a standardized technology platform to serve many applications for the military and industry.

Empowering and Securing

PowerLight beaming technology increases power density and extends secure communications for the military and commercial applications.




Some of the milestones we’ve accomplished and awards we’ve received over the years

  • Wins the NASA space elevator competition in November 2009
  • Sets the VTOL UAV endurance record, in partnership with Ascending Technologies from Intel in October 2010
  • Demonstrates wireless charging of the fixed-wing drone, in partnership with Lockheed Martin in July 2012
  • Demonstrates wireless charging of remote laptops with an integrated safety shroud in May 2014
  • Introduces underwater Power Over Fiber technology in July 2017

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