Through History, Enlightening The Future

Since our foundation 10 years ago as LaserMotive, PowerLight has set three world records for beaming power over light, won two NASA government awards and advanced five generations of technology systems. We are the first and only team to develop and viable technology platform that demonstrated transfer of 400 watts over 1 kilometer. Since then we have received validation from industry-leading companies and government labs, and we are globally recognized.

The company’s roots are both in applied science and practical application. One of the founders, Dr. Jordin T. Kare, was an MIT physicist and aerospace engineer known for his research on laser propulsion, and involved in the Clementine lunar mapping mission. His influence on design and the art of the possible, combined with the team’s field trial experience, set the stage for the innovation being brought to market today.

Going the Mile on Major Milestones

November 2009

Wins the NASA space elevator competition

October 2010

Sets the VTOL UAV endurance record, in partnership with Ascending Technologies

July 2012

Demonstrates first wireless charging of a fixed-wing drone, in partnership with Lockheed Martin

May 2014

Demonstrates wireless charging of remote laptops with an integrated safety shroud

July 2017

Introduces underwater Power Over Fiber technology