Giving You the Space to Be Free

PowerLight Free Space Power Beaming technology uses high-intensity light to transfer power wirelessly, even at great distance. This wireless system can beam up to kilowatts of energy—with the versatility of flexible site implementation and a fixed or moving transmitter and receiver. Power can go farther, and unmanned vehicles can go higher, deeper, and longer. Independence from generators, small engines and batteries increases capacity, while the absence of tethering gives freedom in distance and mobility. With our free-space power beaming platform, you benefit from various applications with platform standardization—so you can communicate, conduct surveillance or perform whatever your need beyond limitation.

This technology uses high-intensity light to wirelessly transfer up to kilowatts of power over any distance, including where other technologies do not work.

Aerial Applications:
PowerLight Free-Space Power Beaming technology supports unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) conducting surveillance or relaying communications. It tracks and charges the UAV carrying any type of payload while it is in the sky.


Persistent operation
The technology recharges the UAV while it is airborne, enabling it to operate persistently—through greater distances. This persistence enables operational savings and
safety, in part by reducing takeoffs and landings, which are the highest-risk situations of UAV operation.


Much-greater distance
The technology does not use magnetic or electric fields, enabling the UAV to reach substantially greater distances than assets using electric/magnetic systems. This capability uniquely allows the UAV to stay in service without the need for repeated recharging.


Time savings
The technology saves time spent on landing, changing batteries in, and relaunching the UAV.

The Future Is Here

Free-Space Power Beaming technology is here today, and it is safe. It powers the UAV while it is in motion and at altitude. The PowerLight platform also incorporates a virtual shield of safety that ensures the people and environment above, below and nearby remain safe.


Industries Ready for Innovation
Industries that can greatly benefit from Free-Space Power Beaming technology with UAVs include military, defense, telecom, maintenance (including pipelines and utilities), disaster response, law enforcement and border enforcement.

PowerLight Free-Space Power Beaming technology supports unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and remote, hard-to- reach sites from point to point.

Continuous Key Benefits:
Enhanced feasibility with remote sensors and remote equipment, the technology transfers power across distances where traditional hard wires are unfeasible—technically, practically or financially.


Easy deployment
The technology provides increased freedom from hard wires and the logistics of fuel, making deployment and movement infinitely easier, safer and more reliable.


Noise reduction
Free-Space Power Beaming technology produce less noise compared to generators.


Longer operation
Unlike battery-powered platforms, the technology does not require taking assets out of service for frequent recharging or battery replacement.


Greater distances
Contrary to other forms of wireless platforms that use low-value watts of power, Free-Space Power Beaming technology uses kilowatts of power that enable the fixed point-to- point asset to travel extremely long distances of kilometers vs. inches.


Industries Ready for Innovation
Industries that can greatly benefit from Free-Space Power Beaming technology for fixed point- to-point applications include defense, disaster, oil and gas, temporary construction, telecom, crane, manufacturing and those maintaining facilities with a large footprint.