Tom and Dave go full-time

Tom and Dave go full-time

Feb 17, 2010

Tom, Dave and Jordin in the office at LaserMotive.

It used to be a nights and weekends pursuit only, but with one victory (and a nice big check from Uncle Sam) under their belts, it’s time for the LaserMotive team to get serious about the business of LaserMotive, LLC.

Formed in conjunction with the team, LaserMotive, LLC is the corporate arm of the group, designed with an eye toward the future of power beaming in all its forms, from continuing work on the Space Elevator Challenge to work on the real world applications of using lasers to beam power across great distances.

This January, team members Tom Nugent, Jr., and Dave Bashford became the first official full-time employees of the company, moving into the small office section of the Kent shop.

Tom and Dave can now devote all of their efforts to getting Otis prepped for Phase 2 of the challenge and the company prepped for the future.

Although the focus for Team LaserMotive is on the 2010 Level 2 prize in the Power Beaming Challenge (scheduled for May), LaserMotive, LLC, has its eye on the future applications of power beaming.

For example, LaserMotive is already working to develop ways of recharging unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the “drones” used by the military. The majority of drones that are lost are lost during takeoff and landing for refueling.

The work being done by LaserMotive should allow the military to literally beam energy to the unmanned vehicles while they are still in the air, saving time and cutting down on risk.

So with the new office setup, Dave can work to make sure Otis is ready for May while Tom is busy working on business developments for future commercial projects. It’s a win-win.

And now that the phones are hooked up, everything is falling into place…